Our Assurances

All of our recycled and replacement Toyota truck and SUV parts are tested and warranted with a standard 30-day parts replacement warranty. We also offer extended parts replacement warranties at an additional charge, please feel free to ask your salesperson for more details when placing your order.

Parts warranty or replacement of defective parts will be exchanged up to the standard 30-day replacement warranty. Returned parts or parts that are returned and not warranted will be credited for a store credit only. No cash or credit card refunds will be given for these returned parts.

Lexus Parts

With tens of thousands of new, slick, and tough Lexus parts, which can maintain your car’s deluxe interior and exterior look as well as its overall first-class performance, we are sure that we are the team to beat in terms of prices, quality, and delivery.


Toyota Parts

LTS Auto is an automotive parts dismantler and recycler, specializing in used automobile parts for all Toyota vehicles… We have low mileage Japanese engines and transmissions in stock.


Scion Parts

As one of the youngest brands in the automobile industry, Scion faced various sales drops before it became a top-rated North American brand. That’s why we here at LTS work hard to keep our inventory full on Scion parts in case there is any need of these amazing cars.


Our Inventory

Common Items

Engines / Transmissions / Drive Train Components

At All Toyota Truck & SUV Parts we carry engines, cylinder heads, transmissions, trans axles and other drive train components such as:

  • 4-Cylinder Engines
  • I6 & V6 6-Cylinder Engines
  • V8 8-Cylinder Engines
  • Manual 4-Speed Transmissions
  • Manual 5-Speed Transmissions
  • Manual 6-Speed Transmissions
  • Automatic Transmissions
  • Automatic w/ Overdrive Transmissions
  • Brake Components - Disc Brake Rotors & Calipers
  • Suspension - Shocks & Struts
  • EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection
  • ECM - Electronic Control Modules
  • ECU - Electronic Control Units

Interior & Exterior Body Parts & Accessories

We also carry interior and exterior body parts and accessories such as:

  • Toyota Highlander tail light
  • Head Lamps & Tail Lights
  • Turn Signals & Side Markers
  • Hoods, Fenders, Doors, Bumpers, Radiators & Grilles
  • Truck Lids / Rear Deck Lids
  • Exterior Side Mirrors & Interior Rear-View Mirrors
  • Audio / Sound - Radios - AM / FM / Stereo Casette - CD Players

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